6. Sound effects (Hire only) -

HWL specialise in Sound Effects unique to the script of stage shows. We have made and keep in stock the master tapes for many shows, musicals, and plays and copies are then made against your order unique to your production. Your order should state clearly which format is required. (Reel to Reel, Cassette, Mini disc, Etc) Allow at least three weeks for both studio time and transport, plus extra time to include both the rehearsals and the production. Your enquiry should quote the sound effects cue list unique to your script
Copyright remains with Howorth Wrightson Limited.

9. Music stands (Hire and Sale) -

Designed over many years, the HWL range of music stands have been successfully sold to many orchestras, bands, schools, other hire companies, and theatres.
Close mesh frame to provide greater support for the music. Easy height adjustment.
Heavyweight base for stability. Hard wearing surface coating. Can be packed together for storage and transport. Use without light fittings for rehearsals and concerts. Light fittings quickly and easily fitted when required. Special manufacturing to ensure light proof fitting with no 'spill light'. High rated light fitting to take up to 60 Watt bulbs.
Brass lamp holder available to comply with I.E.E. regulations. Can be supplied with or without wiring both to save costs and also to give you the choice of lengths of cable and types of end plugs. Easily handled by children, supervision only to plug in the lights. Grand piano stand with extra width to allow for 3 fold music. Musical Director's/Conductors stand with extra size top. Both Grand piano stand and MD stand will take either one or two light fittings. Upright piano light clips onto the top front of the piano and can also be used on any other stand.

We will be pleased to quote prices and availability simply by completing the HWL enquiry form.