8. Ventriloquist dolls (Sale) -

All our Vent. Dolls are hand made and individual, so no two dolls will be identical. Approx. 700 mm tall (28") Each doll has a moving head, floating eyeballs (which move with the head movement) and a working mouth. A unique feature of our dolls is that they have provision for the operators hand/arm to go down either of the doll's shirt/blouse sleeves to enable your hand to become the live hand of the doll. They are suitable for left or right handed use. Whichever sleeve is not being used can be tucked into the doll's pocket.

The current range has been developed for stage use and the idea of the 'real' hand enables the doll to hold books, papers, microphones, etc in fact anything to increase the usefulness during the act. They can even scratch their own ears or tickle their own tummies.

Currently we offer choices of hair colour, face styles and colours for the clothing.

Availability varies depending on current stocks. This is an ideal prop for entertainment of all ages and we have supplied them for educational and road safety instruction and for 'talking' to children in hospital.

Normally ex-stock but allow at least 8 weeks at Christmas owing to demand and transport at that time of the year.

Prices and transport choices are available by using the Enquiry form.