2. Theatre stage furniture, stage furnishings and props (Hire only) -

This is the largest section of the group with over 35,000 sq ft of warehouse space completely racked out providing miles of shelf space to display the props to best advantage.

The firms policy is to have a wide range of different items rather than large quantities of items the same.

Professional prop buyers and Stage directors are invited to visit the store to choose items and will enjoy the hospitality of the Company. Both from a security and a service point of view appointments need to be arranged before setting out to visit.

For a wide variety of stage shows and musicals we have built up lists of props suitable for the shows and will be pleased to quote against your requirements.

The size of your company should not be a bar to contacting us, as we have a policy of not forgetting where we started, and we will be pleased to supply just one or a few items. Often it is just one prop which you have difficulty finding which we can supply that can make all the difference to your show.